Learn More About Shipping Schedule, Shipping Volume, and Guarantee

Consistency is one of the keys to customer retention. People support your business because of the quality and reliability of your products and services, and ensuring their satisfaction requires a lot of preparation behind the scenes. The frequently with which you ship items is a part of that preparation, as it keeps your operations flowing smoothly.

Determine how much inventory you need to ship and how frequently you need to do so. If you are working with a third-party shipper, ask about the shipping schedules to ensure they will meet your needs.

Your business might be seasonal, which may change the preparation and frequency of your shipments. Regardless, be on top of all of the factors that will affect your shipping schedules.

Shipping Volume – As a small business, you do not want to take on more inventory than you can handle. To avoid issues that will disrupt your business operations and incur unnecessary costs, keep your shipping volume in mind.

There are two ways to think about shipping volume: the size of your product and the number of products you receive or send out in a shipment. Make sure you have enough space for your inventory.

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Consider using a third-party option, like drop shipping. Perhaps your business can hold a limited number of smaller items, so you could use a drop-shipping service for your larger products to help you save space.

Guarantee – Few things provide more peace of mind to your customers than a guaranteed receive-by date. Hitting these marks shows consistency and care for your customers’ business.

Mistakes and challenges are bound to happen, which is why having a guarantee on your shipping can assure your customers that they will be taken care of if problems do occur. Ensure good customer service – for example, by reaching out to the customer directly and providing some form of compensation.

In addition to guaranteeing the time of arrival, make sure your product is labeled properly and packaged securely so no damage occurs during shipping.

If you are looking to work with a third-party vendor, find out the vendor’s rate of incidents, and make sure you understand the insurance policies. Customers usually remember how you handle a shipping mistake more than the mistake itself.